eight8eight B-Grade metal BAC version Vs. 2009 G5 (Round 2)


For the B-Grade metal, which is faster or easier to dent on the eight8eight? Which would you rather… 2009 G5 or B-Grade metal BAC eight8eight?


hhmmm, I would get the b-grade bac 888, cause its a cheap 888 , the only problem is some aesthetic flaws, so I would rather buy that, a cheap price for a 888 thats works perfectly great but has some (does not affect play) ano flaws on it, I might even buy two if I had some money


Just find a cosmetic flawed one with no vibe and your good. I think my B-grade 888 is better then my old G5.

(JonasK) #4

Probably because you dinged your G5 into space


No, only to China.

It still played perfectly.


All YYF metals are really good at smoothness,even whet they are beat to pluto.

I would get the 888.


I must go with the 888.

I like the newer versions of the G5, but the old 2009 version (the blue/gold) made me hurl in terms of looks. However, I never played one.



The current ones in stock:


Look WAY better then 2009 Gold/Blue one. The shape of the 2009 rims was messed up, it was WAY to round and only good for finger grinds. I have played with both and the current one has looks and feel.

But, I have to say that 2009 does feel very nice on the string and is still very good. I do not intend to bash on it, just that I did not like it as much when I think back on it now that I have tried way more yoyos.