[eBay] Royal Bison peak, Formosa


[b]Only looking to trade for:

  • MIB Nickel Plated SkyWalker
  • MIB nickel plated Y Factor
  • MIB painted or 28s Peak
  • MIB 28s Marmot
  • MIB Sovereign[/b]  

- MINT in box first run Royal Bison Peak


- MINT with box orange Formosa (light ano defects on both cups, impossible to picture due to the glare; nothing major, really)


  • Mint in box blue H2O N°18 SOLD!

  • Mint in pouch red Oxy V SOLD!

  • Mint in Box 28 stories Sasquatch. SOLD!

  • Mint in pouch Plug In 3 Ghost (no engravings) extra axle, flat and concave bearing SOLD!

  • Mint in box Midnight Blue Ronin. So smooth, perfect! SOLD!

  • MINT with box Super Evo, thrown like three times SOLD!

  • MINT in box first run blue/gray Hatrick SOLD!

  • MINT with box Team Edition Wooly Marmot (some small ano flaws; white dots) SOLD!

  • MINT with box white Cream SOLD!

  • MINT in box pink shiny Stardust II SOLD!

  • MINT in box first run black Addiction SOLD!

  • MINT with box Gaberus’ Cut SOLD!

  • MINT with box pre pro black Pistolero SOLD!

  • MINT with box Markmont SOLD!

  • MINT with box Celtic 888 SOLD!

  • MINT with box R2009, black unengraved SOLD!

  • MINT with box Flying V (comes with both bearings) SOLD!

  • MINT with box Bear versus Man, Shark vs Zombie Beaver SOLD!

  • MINT with box Bassalope SB Fishy Fire : one small dent on both cup, factory mark on the all run GONE!

  • Near Mint with full package green/silver Aurora : polished rims, one tiny scuff adjoining the polished area on the silver half. Barely visible. I haven’t been able to picture it with the flash… SOLD!

  • MINT with box Galactic Goose, Orange Maple splash GONE!

  • MINT custom Campfire GONE!

  • MINT with pouch 2nd pre pro St Eel GONE!

  • MINT white Roo Yo HF SOLD!

  • MINT with box white Gung Fu SOLD!

  • MINT with box Plug In 3 GONE!

  • MINT with package gold Groovy Two Fat Ladies SOLD!

  • MINT with box Radian Super Light SOLD!

  • MINT with pouch purple/Titanium Liopleurodon SOLD!

  • Near Mint with pouch P22 : some light scuffs SOLD!

  • MINT with box 5 Star, limited German edition SOLD!

  • MINT with box white Milk 2% SOLD!

  • MINT with box Shuriken SOLD!

  • MINT WITH BOX Punchline, black with copper splash SOLD!

  • Near MINT with pouch gunmetal RT : ano flaw on the inside rims, due to thumb grinds SOLD!

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(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #13

Is the R2009 the name because I have never heard of it and it looks like a Noctu.


The R2009 is the evolution of the R1 by Roll Out (Italian brand). I think it’s the better version, even better that the newest model, the R2010.


Just offer!



Do you still got the pistolero? And does i have any dings? Whats the price?


Sorry about this, forgot the rules.

Price for everything’s bump!

The MINT IN BOX Pistolero is still for sale or trade.


would you like a spyy punchline for any of those

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #36

Would you like to buy a MIB Pro? And why is the Hatrick more then resale price?


No thanks.

No, but I can trade it, if it’s a red one or a green one!


Would you take 120$ for the celtic 888? ???


PM sent


PM sent.

PM answered :wink: .


Last hours to go!

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