eBay FS 2 TBBs new in package (missing extra brake pads) RELISTED

I read in the B/S/T rules that we can post eBay auction links as long as we are the seller and I am the seller so I am posting the links to my 2 yo-yo related auctions here. I also wanted to ask about pictures. Since these are eBay auctions and my pictures are there, do I also need to provide pictures here in this thread? Let me know and if so I will update the thread with pics.

I have 2 new in the pack TBBs original Playmaxx ProYo (both missing the extra brake pads) for sale on eBay. I found these in a local flea market recently and didn’t hesitate to buy them. If anyone is interested in them here are the links.

RELISTED! Updated links.

its a bumpy job, but somebody’s gotta do it.