Easy GT - Tutorial

(Tyler) #1

Here’s an easy GT to execute from (almost) the wrist mount that I kinda came up with on accident. Whenever I go to the wrist mount after hidemasa hook I tend to just throw it over my thumb, which eventually led to this quick GT.
This is my first tutorial/yoyo video in general, so tips are welcome on how I can improve. I’m not really used to filming myself, and I am also still a beginner in yoyoing, so I was a little nervous filming it, and hope I explained everything well enough to understand how to do the trick.
I apologize for my girlfriends feet and my cat in the overhead shot at the end, she had to stand on a stool to hold the camera high enough.
Edit: Also apologize for the noise at the end - that wasn’t there prior to uploading it to YouTube :confused:

({John15}) #2

Nice man. Props on the top down angle, I usually just end up taping my phone to a light fixture or something. lol