easy flashy tricks that end in a GT?


Hey brrrroooo, do you guys know any easy, cool looking tricks? I would prefer it if it ended (or had a) GT. I dont want it to be too hard, though… Any ideas?

P.s. Im not the best with slack, unless its a slack trick like trapeze and his bro slack.


Neo Akira by Raytsh.


And whut?


fine, it doesn’t have to have a GT, no easy tricks?


Look up g squared tutorials. He does a lot of cool tricks that involve GT’s.


can you wrist whip? thats an easy gt. also coming out of a wrist mount is easy to gt to trapeze and bind.


Brent Stole.


Purple Flamingo Catch!!!


Green revolution. I cant do it, but it looks cool!


The suicide coming out of wrist whip? I tried that last night and I find it UNPOSSIBLE! It looks so easy when Vasek or Guy Wright do it, though.


i land it sometimes;p but most of a time i got autobind + knot :smiley: thats why i dont rly pratice it too much.


How about Tangent GT by G-squared simple, uses a hop, and uses a wrist mount.


Bro mount, pop up the back onto the front string.

(mint) #14

Reverse ninja vanish to double reverse Brent Stole. It looks sooooooo sick!!


How about This

It’s one of my favorite tricks of all time!


Cant really define hard in general honestly :stuck_out_tongue: What’s hard to you? I can do ladder escape which ends in a GT and I find it pretty hard, but if you ask andre… that’s a totally different story :smiley: