Does anyone have E-readers? I don’t mean the app, I mean the actual thing. I have a kindle latest gen.

I have a NOOK. I 100% regret getting it. It freezes up constantly and has given me much more trouble than it’s worth. I already had to return one and it looks like I’m gonna have to take back this one.


I have a kindle, and use it mostly to read newspapers and sometimes books when I don’t already have it in print. For the most part I love it, though most of the time I buy books in print, but it’s good for some especially when you can get them for a good price, which is often all the time. I don’t like using nooks though, they lag way to much, have a smaller variety of books you can buy, and the prices of the books are usually more than you can find them in the kindle store. And the screen’s contrast is really bad compared to the kindle.

I have to admit, though, that often print books are more comfortable to read. (well, about half the time)

The old version or the new version?

i have the latest kindle. I love it!!!

guess I wont be getting that nook…