Duns Broccoli Knots Sweatshirt!

I was thinking about ordering one of the sweatshirts from Has anyone else picked one up? They look like they’re a good quality, which is important because i’m hard on my clothes, and don’t want it to fall apart anytime soon. Especially if I’m dropping $70 + dollars on it! As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

$70 bucks for a sweater! holy ship that’s a boatload!

If you read the description it says you have to carefully follow the wash instructions in order for the design to last. This does’t sound convenient for someone who is ‘hard’ on their clothes. But the rest of the sweater will probably hold up fine, I’m assuming.

$70 - That’s a little over the top. Besides that, have you checked on what shipping will be, since the store appears to be in Russia.

I would definitely not pay $70 for a sweatshirt, but I guess that’s just my opinion as well as everyone else who was posted.

If it’s north face/ under armor I can understand.

The Jensen Kimmit art is cool and the yoyo specific pocket is neat, but $70 for a screen printed regular ol’ sweatshirt that only comes in grey, and might run small?

nah son