Duncan Vendetta Help

Hey guys! I was wondering if a yyj axle would fit my vendetta because i need a new axle and other parts.
Plans: New axle, Center Trac Bearing Size C, and Dif e Yo Pads .555
if not a yyj axle, what would work for it???

First take your yoyo to the hardware store and find a set screw that will fit it. Also look at yye for diff pad or buy duncan silipads, center trac can be found here also. I hope this helps:)

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As a start, Duncan has traditionally used an M4 screw size for their axles. Don’t know if that’s still the case. Note that you may not find a set screw long enough to work. In that case get a normal screw of appropriate length and cut it to size. smooth off the cut end.

The axle is 8-32 which you should be able to find at any hardware store… the problem may be finding a set screw and not a bolt… (set screw is the technical name for axle).

If you can only find a bolt, you can (with adult help or supervision as necessary) cut the ‘bold’ end off and use the threaded part.

What is wrong with the current axle?

The vedetta does play well with with any type of konkave bearing (or in this case center trac), and dif pads.


One night i was being an idiot and i mistakenly put it in my yyf one and i can’t get it out so i have to get a new axle ( screw )

I have a Vendetta. If you send me your address via pm I will send you a couple stainless ones. They will not have the set screw end because I cut them from threaded lengths I order.

The wonderful people on YYE :).