Duncan raptor out of stock

I already have a Raptor, but was surprised to find out that YoyoExpert no longer lists the item, and Duncan’s official site says it is out of stock. I was wondering if Duncan has phased out the Raptor to make room for newer products, like the Torque? Or if this is just a routine part of the sales cycle and that the Raptor would be back again?

I’m pretty sure that the “Phase-Out” idea is probably more likely what happened to the Yo-Yo. As far as I remember, it was a mid-line Aluminum Yo-Yo like the Torque, Echo, and Strix just it had a Flat Bearing and an Organic Shape. It was replaced with newer shaped Yo-Yo’s and a Yo-Yo’s that have a KonKave out of the package.

Correct, the Duncan Raptor has been discontinued to make room for newer models.