Duncan Imperial Contest!

Hey guys, the Duncan Imperial contest is now open to vote at www.yoyoskills.com !!

I put mine in, and no, I’m not saying vote for mine. I just want you to watch it… ;D

Mine’s labeled under Chandler Bauder, and when you see me lick the string in the middle of the video, no, it doesn’t mean anything special. I was just being random at that moment.

Don’t judge me just because I decided to wear old halloween costumes, 'cuz it was fun… ;D It was my first video, and probably will be my worst…

So go now and watch all the videos, then vote for your favorite!!!

www.yoyoskills.com 8)

Lol, nah, MINE, is the worst by far. I acted so stupid… I hate getting sugar high after 10 pixie stix…

mmmm, I love pixie stix… ;D
Yours wasn’t that bad. :wink:

Your almost winning or even winning.