Duncan Hornet Review (newbie perspective)


I’ve been using the Duncan Hornet and I’m so impressed with it that I just had to do a short review.

4 gap widths to choose from
It comes with an extra set of plastic spacers that make the gap more narrow. And it also came with an extra axle taped to the back of the package that is supposed to be a different size. I can’t really see a difference in this axle, but I think it really may be smaller because I do feel a difference in responsiveness when I’m looping. So I run the plastic spacers and the extra axle to get the most responsiveness I can. I’m still working on loops, so thats the way to go!

Removable caps
I always thought the duncan caps were cool because you can swap them out for different colors, but in this case, I just remove them all together. It makes the yoyo lighter, and it feels slightly different when I’m looping. I love it this way. I totally recommend it if you like light loopers like the YYF Loop 360.

I’m no pro at yoyoing of any sort, but I will say that the way I have it set up(narrow gap, no caps) is almost like taking the weight of the YYF loop 360, and combining that with the response of the raider. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a looper. But if you don’t like that you can always add the caps on for more weight, and make the gap wider. It’s fairly customizable, but not to the point where it’s annoying to the newbie.

Taking the axle out was kinda scary because I had to carefully grip it with some pliers and make sure the pliers didn’t hit the starburst or the threads while I was taking it off. And then after I got it apart, I didn’t pay attention to how things went back, and I think I put the washers in the wrong spot. Yeah, so just pay attention to whats in there and how it all goes back together before you take it apart.

After putting on the plastic spacers, they slide around on the bearing. I’ve never seen anything like it. It doesn’t seem to affect play or anything, so I guess thats correct. I just thought it was weird. Let me know if you know anything about this or if I’m doing something wrong!