Duncan Hayabusa normal or SL

I want to buy the Duncan Hayabusa for offstring and wonder if I should buy the normal version or the soft landing version. I have read on some other forums that the SL version bounces too much, but what is too much. Does it bounce more than the YYJ Aquarius that I have now or more than a normal Diabolo?


I have an SL and I find it doesn’t bounce enough. Either way, its a great throw for offstring. I have a normal one in the mail that I should have today or tomorrow, so I’ll leave more feed back then.

i have an sl and it really doesnt bounce… it rolls. if you miss a catch it will roll like 10 feet behind you or 10 feet in front of you depending on the throw. (foward pass or brain twister mount). i havent tried a regular, but i heard after a while it gets kinda bouncy