Duncan Dragon Fly Help and Questions

Ok, I was at a store and they sold dragon flys and .99 paint, I got a DF and a bottle of paint. I’m looking to Drill/dremel paint, and tips on that ;). Also the gap is tiny and the axle is tiny, which causes it to pop back with to many string overlaps, so can I make it unresponsive or widen the gap?? I know you can use mod spacers, which I’ll consider, but is there another way. All help is appreciated :wink: It takes Brake Pads.

Clean the bearing to make it (a bit more) unresponsive. Keep in mind that the narrow gap and the brake pads work against that concept.

Painting - chuck it up, spin, drip paint (sparingly).

I didn’t quite understand those two concepts ;). Also, I ran out of 100% pure mineral spirits, will Pure gum spirits of turpentine work? Or just Spirits of turpentine??? And will big Duncan spacers work for bigger gap?

You could beefcake the bearing

What does that mean? Beefcake? Sounds FAKE to me 8)

Beefcaking refers to modding a yoyo to take two bearings side by side. In addition to widening the gap, this also creates a groove in the center that the string can rest in. Some yoyos such as the Werrd 4XL (one of my favorites) can interchangeably use either a single bearing or two bearings beefcaked.

What I meant is that the narrow gap and the brakepads work against the yoyo being unreponsive. yes, the duncan spacers may help.

I do not think the axle is long enough for 2, I’ve also tried the “beefcake” thing and it was super unresponsive, yes that’s what I want, but I couldn’t bind because the string was so far away from the response. Anyways, I’ll try it.

I get it now Jhb, Thanks!

I also painted it and it looks good but, you can’t see much unless you are in the light. :wink:

I’ll post pics when I get my camera working ;).

Normally you need to get a new axle when you beefcake.

Ok ;). Might use my Panda Axle.

Uploaded Pictures in a new thread, “BC” Official Splash Paintings

My d fly is completely unresponsive. It has a clean bearing and worn in break pads.

Thanks, I’ll clean and use it lots ;).