Duncan Condor

Months ago, some news was released about the Duncan Condor, Drew Tetz’s signature yoyo. The thing is, ever since then, nothing at all has been said, and it seems like way to long a time for it to still be in the works, because they already had prototypes that Drew used in 365yoyotricks at least a few times. Has anybody heard anything about it?

Contact Duncan or yoyoexpert! I haven’t heard anything either. :frowning:

The longer its in the prototype stages the better it should be, I can wait.

I just got Drew’s card with my Ringmaster, and it says that one of his favorite yoyos is the Condor, so that must mean that at least one exist. Maybe they are still testing it or something.

Duncan’s a big company they need to make sure every yoyo is perfect. Just think about how big Duncan is compared to other companies.

So they overlube all the unresponive bearings they put in their yoyos. Seems legit.

Its not there fault, to them acetone and lube look really alike.

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Seems perfectly legit. They appeal to a much broader customer base than the small boutique unresponsive yoyo crowd. If you want it unresponsive, it’s simple to make it so.


All the yoyos I’ve gotten from Duncan that were supposed to be unresponsive were unresponsive out of the box.

What! no-one got my joke?

I asked Brandon about the Condor last year, he said that they were having problems with the axle stripping and that they were working on fixing that, they didn’t want to release it while it had that kind of problem. He said the same was happening to the Freebird 2 (Hanks 2nd signature yoyo). I can’t wait for the Condor to come out though, it’s supposed to retail for 90 also is what Brandon said.

Duncan = love for birds

For the record when I read through this thread I got it. I thought it was funny