duncan bumble bee review

So the other day I opened up the toolbox I use to store my yoyos, to see if there were any throws in there that I hadn’t used for a while. My old Duncan Bumblebee caught my eye. Unfortunately, one of the spacers was missing so I couldn’t use it. However, a couple of days later I found the spacer, threw it in the yoyo, and started playing. Of course I thought to do the classic tricks like Rock the Baby, etc. It was better than I remembered. Than I thought, Why not try some string tricks?
I threw a trapeze totally expecting to fail at landing it, since the Bumblebee was a looping shape yoyo and TOTALLY not designed for what I had in mind. The results blew me away. I LANDED IT!!! ;D I tried more tricks, and figured out I could do tricks like cold fusion, rewind,etc. What suprised me even more was that after playing for a little while it became unresponsive enough for me to do tricks like wrist whip and plastic whip. My current best spin time on it is 1:20, which is A LOT more than I expected.
My conclusion is this. If you are a beginner, or just looking for a fun new yoyo that will challenge your string trick capabilities, get this yoyo. Or if you already have one, dig it out and see what you can do with it. :smiley: Please note that this is my first review and if you have any helpful hints about writing reviews I’d really appreciate hearing them. :slight_smile:



What I like to do is take a responsive yoyo and see what I can do with it. Sort of a “keeping it real” kind of thing.

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