Duncan 'Big Fun' Mods?

Hey fam. Got a Big Fun and want to mod it. I love the size and shape. Not sure what kind of kids are possible, but a search for Big Fun really only yields how to remove the caps…


Nobody mods yoyos anymore, what are you thinking… :wink:


Do the Duncan aluminum weight rings fit it?


Lol. REALLY want this Big Fun to play better. Not a significant investment obviously, but it would be nice.

Not a clue.i doubt they would without rattling around. I was thinking I’d have to go with silicone, but was looking to see if anyone had done anything to one of these guys yet.

50/50 - They’re supposed to fit, but some will and some won’t. They work good when they fit though!


Interesting. Is it an issue with the rings, the throw, or both?

Unclear. I would guess the rings, but could be the other or both.

I had these o-rings sitting around that I was shoving into a Deep State. They fit pretty snug, and definitely do the trick of adding the weight I wanted. Would need to glue them in to know for sure, as one did pop out on a particularly snappy bind.

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I think I’ve checked this thread three times, expecting some big, fun mods of various yo-yos, forgetting that Big Fun is a model name. I think I was expecting like long streamers or bat wings or something.


Lol if only!

Edit: Updates topic title. Hopefully I don’t create too many more crestfallen homies, haha!