DTI Yo-Yo Tree Shirt Coming soon! (August 1st)

Just wanted to share some of the progress I’ve had developing the Double-Take Industries yo-yo clothing and other yyr things that you can read more of from my most recent blog post, this is an excerpt from the post regarding the new shirt that I’m planning on releasing on the 1st of August :slight_smile:

“”“I have five different concepts ready to be produced but the first one is the Yo-Yo Tree concept, I had Emily Butcher from Talon Tattoo near the Western Idaho Fairgrounds do the art work for me and the results were phenomenal, The shirt will be gray and the art will be printed in black (for that artsy look).”""


To read the rest of my blog post see: http://themikemonty.com/?p=218; It discusses what I’m doing with Double-Take Industries and how I’m bringing it into the Yo-Yo Industry; shows the shirt you see above, the yo-yo video contest I’m throwing, and discusses briefly the yo-yo I will be having manufactured soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear your comments! :slight_smile:

Man that looks awesome i’ll buy one for sure.

I want it :o

I’d buy that :slight_smile:

That shirt would be awesome

I hope it’s gonna be a give away to one of you’re video contests in the future!

Cool! How much $ is it? What colors will it come in?

Thanks for the responses guys :slight_smile: I’ll be making the first run on a gray shirt with black ink (as indicated in my original post). I’m going to try and get them into online stores but am willing to leave them on my company’s website if I have trouble getting them into stores.

Good idea! And I’m half way to finish my yoyo tree sculpture, I’m in art class…

Happy Throwing! =]

im real excited about the yo your making

I got a great Idea, when the stuff come out, everyone that posted in this thread should get a free T-Shirt and Prototype yo-yo as thanks for the support kind of thing!

How about I have a drawing of the people who’ve replied to this thread and the winner gets a free yo-yo tree shirt? :slight_smile: I don’t know about the prototype yet, I’ll probably have a drawing for one of those as well.

Woah. The design for that is abosulutely amazing! :o

Absolutely AWESOME!
Great design.

That looks awesome.

I’d buy it :slight_smile:

Me too.