Dry SPEC Bearing

Should I run my SPEC bearing dry?

While I do not recommend it, running any bearing dry is totally up to you. However, if it is how you prefer it, feel free to do so.

I’d put a small amount of lube in it so it doesn’t get shot. If you break it in, there is ussually some lube still in, but it’ll play similar to dry, and will last much longer.

^ What he said. Keeping lube, any lube, inside of the bearing will decrease friction between the ball bearing and the inside bearing wall, decreasing wear and tear. Good thing to do on any moving parts really. :slight_smile:

SPEC bearings run weird when they’re dry. They tend to get “crackly,” responsive, and develop a vibe. Apply some thin lube and you’ll be set.

I’d put a little bit of lube in my bearing once in a while.

My SPEC just ‘‘died’’ probably because i ran mine dry

i agree put some thin lube. try trumpet valve oil. i have al cass fast valve key and slide oil try it it works great

I run all of my bearings dry, and haven’t had a problem (although you and I probably should stick some lube in there just to be safe)

running the SPEC bearing dry make the yo-yo more responsive and feel harder to play …for my case