Dropped a New Airtraffic video

What do you think of this style video? Also if you havn’t seen the other Airtraffic videos Check out the whole playlist here Part 1 being the Oldest and this video being the newest.

Wow not even a single comment :frowning:

That was actually a very well done video, I’m impressed! Also looks like a lot of talent there! I wish I had a store like that near me!

That was great, as usual! A bit more of a combination of top-down POV and straight-on shots would add some variety, but I have to admit… it’s hard to beat a well-done POV sometimes.

Whoever did that one-handed suicide catch out of Revolutions is a boss. Tonnes of other great tricks, too. You could put this video in slo-mo and get learn’d.

That was Zach Gustafson. Glad you guys liked the video

Patience young grasshopper :wink:

Good stuff!

LOL I watied like 3 days what more do you want? :smiley: