Drop in the Bucket Tutorial for Studio 42


Here is a tutorial for Drop in the Bucket I made for Studio42. I hope it helps!


Beautiful. You got my certification TM! You make it look soooooo smooth.


Wow, thanks! I really didn’t expect that as a comment but I very much appreciate it. To be honest, that is the only combo I know and I just created it by putting together a couple of tricks I know together and added the drop at the end haha. But hey, I’ll take it! Glad you enjoyed it.


well, I’m just saying that, Studio is @ a level we were all @ some point. Just because you could pull off a trick or two means squat. I say that once you done it a few hundred times, you begin to develop a style so to speak. That style belongs to you alone. I’ve learned to do both the “Bucket drop” and the “Ripcord” in the most mechanical fashion but without the bling. Thank you for showing me the “bling” part, I’m sure 42 likes it 2!


This video put such big smile on my face. Just the atmosphere and all made this really enjoyable. Great video!

Keep throwing.