Dr. Yo-Yo's End of Summer Sale! Price Drop

It has been a while since I did a BST. $#I usually prefer to to trade but I am trying to raise money for the Made.YoYoSkills.com software.

Please no trades, I need to raise the money for the software for the Made project.
Shipping is included to the US only.

If you are outside of the US, there will be an additional shipping charge.
Paypal Only (ONLY ONLY ONLY)

Without further ado…

Great photos, but I’ve got no clue what most of those are. Excuse my “noob ignorance”, but could a caption be added to the photos? I can’t guarantee I’d buy something, but I’d at least have a better shot at it. I’m kinda of the mindset that I like labels to ensure clarification. I know, stubborn, stupid me!

Yes, I know what some are.

Thank you for reading and considering.

I’ll help Chris out with that one. I don’t know some of the sold yoyos, but I’ll do my best. From top to bottom!

YYF G5 with custom Rice Stacks
Zeekio Tempest
Yoyorecreation Clash 2010 Version
Not fully sure about this one. Sold.
Shinwoo Zen. Sold.
Foxland Precision Thunder Wasp
Yoyojam Trinity
String Theory Bandit. Sold.
String Theory Singularity
No sure about this one. Sold.
Roll Out R1
HSpin Pyro III

I guess I was more bored than I thought. Hope that helped out Studio42!


just to add on a little tidbit of info to that ^

it’s the prison break edition g5. :slight_smile:


and the last one is not a pyro 3, it is one of the other pyros

Thanks guys, PM if interested