Dr. Strange

Are you supposed to keep revolving your hands around the yoyo or do you do it just once? I watched the video and I can do the trick, but I don’t know if I am doing enough revolving! Advice from anyone that knows this trick would be great!

No, you don’t keep revolving, you just revolve to the side, then you dismount.

Have Fun Throwing,

go on youtube then type in “YoYoSkills” then videos by him should pop up then you click on his username and it should list a lot of tutorials then find Dr. Strange and watch it.

Or, just go to yoyoskills.com

I am still moving the tuts directly onto the site, I still have about 60 more to upload.
In the mean time, www.youtube.com/yoyoskills
that is my channel.

Also, I am sure that Andre has a Tut for Dr. Strange, and I bet Gerard does also at www.gward.com

Links in case you haven’t seen them yet: