Double-Take Industries Yo-Yo Video Contest - July

Double-Take Industries (DTI) will be holding a monthly yo-yo video contest starting in July of 2009. The winner will be picked by the owner of DTI, Michael Montgomery. The prize for being the winner of the contest will be indicated in the video. July’s prize is a Black DTI shirt.

Rules / Criteria:

  1. Videos must be between 30 and 60 seconds long.
  2. Video must start with the DTI logo and end with the domain name (as they will be displayed on the DTI website).
  3. All tricks must be visible (including the string).
  4. The video must contain at least one of each of the following tricks: a Suicide Catch, a Grind, and a Whip or Laceration (You decide between the whip or the laceration.)
  5. All tricks must be performed by YOU.
  6. Videos must be posted as responses to this video [on] (videos which are not posted as responses will not be considered.)

Deadline to submit video:
July 25th.

DTI Logo:
DTI Url:

The Winner will be announced and contacted on July 31, 2009.

More information will be available soon on (probably by the 5th of July, 2009)

ARGGHH, cant put text boxes in my vid or else i would participate.

Why not?

He doesn’t have any kind of editing or anything.

BTW: How do we make the DTI Logo on our Vid?

Kim, help me out…

You should just use Windows Movie Maker, Shisaki. Unless there is some reason you can’t?

To put in the logo, you just import in the image and drag it onto the time line. I guess the logo will be provided soon.

Save this guys:

Save it and do what Kim Typed!

Just a heads up that I edited my post to include:

DTI Logo:
DTI Url:

I dont have anything :’( Just a camcorder and a USB cord to uplaod it…

If you use Windows, I’m pretty sure you should have Windows Movie Maker. Or does it not save a file, but automatically uploads it?

Idk what i have…is says HP then its says Windows Vista


Congrats. :slight_smile:

I may or may not do this…I’m working on a different video, so it depends.

I’ll probably use my vimeo account for all these battle related things :slight_smile:

Bump. More people need to see this.

I think I actually might be able to do this! Can we only do those three things that you listed or can we do more as long as it fits the parameters and includes a Suicide Catch, Grind, and Whip/Laceration?

here you go
now you can edit it better
this is much better
first produce it when you done with your video save it as avi
then go to window movie maker and import it there
then save it to your computer and then upload it on youtube