Don't unscrew your Speedaholic.

My Speedaholic was very smooth and fun to play with, but i unscrewed it to get a knot out and ever since then it has a really bad pulsating vibe. The axle isn’t attached to the yoyo, so when It got unscrewed the axle was no longer seated completely tight, hence the vibe. So just be safe and dig your knots out of it with a pencil instead so yours doesn’t suffer the same fate.

or dont buy a speedaholic

or learn to tune


This was more so for someone who already had one.

I got it back pretty close to how smooth it was before, but It’s still not quite like it was.

I’ve unscrewed my speedaholic a ton and never had an issue. Try moving the nut to a different position until it smooths out. If you cant smooth It out at least they only cost 15 bucks.

Auto correct, it happens!

I’ve unscrewed my speed a holiday

^.^ so I’m guessing you had a quick holiday?

yoyos are meant to be unscrewed you just have to learn how to put it back together right

He’s been around the block, he knows what he’s doing.

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I’ve unscrewed my speedaholic countless times and I havent had an issue. :wink:

Regardless, tuning a Speedaholic is do-able. It takes a darn-diggity long time and may be considered tough, but I’ve tuned multiple Speedaholics. Tuning a Speedaholic is what I would call fine tuning. It’s difficult and you’re going to have to tune it a minuscule amount at a time, but you can do it.

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Gotta align the hex nuts on both sides.

I’ve been working on it and It’s almostttttttt back to where it was.

The same happened to my Northstar. I tried to tune it but it only made it worse (at some point the axle went through and killed the yoyo completely). I’ll avoid both of them in the future.