Thing you can Do Online Now Guys! Yes its from vsauce. So im bored and on the internet. Anyone know of some awesome free, cool, and virus free things you can DONG. It can be a game, intresting site, anything. Just think before you post ^.^

Ill start. Here is kawaii run: (yeah it was featured on vsuace)
Such a fun game


No, you think this idea is dumb or no you don’t know any cool things you can dong. >.>


I find this game hard and racist. lol jk

Sweet gotta sign-up

24.7 METERS! I could have won, i just got really bored.

Ive seen someone win qwop. The scooted on his butt the whole way though. ::slight_smile:

Anybody play soldat still?

Whats that?

My best is 3.4 meters. lol

Search the soldat download. There’s a free one for it. It’s a very sweet 3rd person shooter

just got 14 meters

there’s also girp by the maker of qwop… it a rock climbing one

i also use quite a bit. its an in browser emulator of a ton of the original 8-bit nintendo games, including super mario bros, pac-man, xevious, and a ton of others

best puzzle game in the world