[s]Looking to trade my LB Bassalope! :smiley:

It is Green with some sort of blue acid wash, thingy. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not mint, has a couple dings. Still plays smooth!
Does not come with box, sorry!
Its gonna be tough to get this one![/s] Gone.

I also now have a Mint P2 for trade!
Doesn’t come with box, again,sorry!
Half Red, Half Gold! My friends call it my Iron Man Yoyo, lol. :smiley:
Hard to find a mint one!

Wants! In Order.

Any Onedrop!

Mainly, DANG.

But offer 54’s, Caferacers, and Burnsides!

Looking for Black, Red, Blue, or Soda blasted colors. I like solids. :slight_smile:

Also want a Super G!

I also LOVE Modded FHZ’s. :smiley:

Other than that, I reply to all offers! Offer away!

Thanks for Looking!

PS: Sorry for iPhone quality pics!

i give you super wide popstar g5 and maybe hetic for basslope

No thanks, sorry!

Thanks for the offer though.

And from now on, if anyone has any offers, please pm me!



Bump, pics attached for lazy people haha.


Bump at 4am!