FS/Ft yyf clyw spyy onedrop Lf markmont,superstar,worlds yoyo (northstar)

I am looking to sell or will trade for a superstar or markmont

boss- mint green acid wash super fast and smooth spec bearing$75 pending for a goyalla

FG peak- this is a rare maple drip peak super smooth and only have a few ano flaws $65 pending to a y factor

i have this unnamed proto type that is about the same size shape and weight as a dingo (see pics) with weight rings play great and has been painted lime and forest green by ibanezcollector(vguitars)-Offer $ want to trade for a mint half blue and half pink m1 gone to a mint 2010 g5

spyder is is black and unengraved steve said it is 1 of 9 it has about 3 pin prick and a kk 100$or mint superstar or mint markmont

trainwreck 2 it is mint purple and gold supersmooth and 1 one drop pad and 1 gen pad i think 100$ or mint superstar or mint markmont

Bassalope-it is mint with a little clyw vibe and is agale(yellow and green) $105

M1-is blue and yellow 1 small ding on the blue and 2 small suffs on the yellow and is smooth [b]$40 or trade for a northstar[b]

link to pics:  http://s652.photobucket.com/home/cottoncandym1/index

Lf: (only the stuff on my want list)

color does not matter and it needs t be near mint with no vibe
worlds yoyos
flying v

i will give you a mint no vibe yuji sommoa superstar no scratches for the peak

I have a red w/ yellow splash superstar for the bassalope

Whoa, mega-necro. FYI, this guy’s B/S/T is 4.5 years old. That’d be awesome if he responds, but don’t count on it. Also, when communicating in the B/S/T it’s best to use the PM feature so that you don’t bump the thread.

Good luck!

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