WTS/T: Bapezilla 2, Spring Edition Bassalope (28s)-NEED MONEY


[s]Alright so I love my bapezilla 2 to death, but it’s all blue. I’m looking to see if anyone wanted to trade their green half for my blue one? It does not have to be mint since mine has some dings and scuffs. I will say though, mine plays really smooth so I expect yours to be smooth in return. So if you’re interested in trading halves please PM me!! ;D

I would like to get some more money for my vacation, and since it seems so hard to get a green half I will also sell it. 65 shipped[/s] GONE


I have a spring edition bassalope (28s colors) that I would sell or possibly trade if you have exactly what I’m looking for 8) The bassalope has one scuff mark and one tiny pin prick. It plays smooth on string and has a slight vibe (common). Now this is a long shot, but here it goes: I really really reallllyyy want a 2nd run BvM (light grey with blue splash) This was my first clyw yoyo and I miss that color way so much. If it’s possible, please help me find one so we can work something out!
Now, if you don’t have that BvM but you’ve got something cool, don’t be afraid to offer!

Outside of that specific BvM some yo’s that spark my interest are:
Wooly Marmot (1 or 2)


And lastly, some pics of the bape and the bassalope.


Bump, no 2nd run OG BvMs? :-\

(system) #10