For Sale/Trade:
USA Only.

1st Run Green YYF DNA (Mint)
New Version Peak/ Elliot Jackson Peak
Elliot Jackson Chief
28s Peak/BvM

Different views of the yoyos can be seen here

CLYW Peak Offer
Gold Nugget (Gold with black splash)
A-Grade (Not a fools gold) one of only a few sold at the CLYW Store. Mint Condition, comes with box.

YYF Supernova LITE $65 Shipped OBO
I have been the only owner of this yoyo. SMOOTH and Mint, has hardly been thrown.
RETAILS at $90!
Comes with original box.


CLYW “Dinkface” Canvas SOLD

CLYW Bear vs. Man SOLD
Shark vs. Zombie Beaver Edition. Mint! Comes with box

Pm sent!

Still have that peak ?