⏃ CLYW ⏃ Peak 2 ⏃

FT: 28 stories
sno cone
confetti cannon

LF: Jensen Northstar [ask me about my other yoyos, if you like CLYW I most likely have something you want]
-Chiefs: first runs, sharp lip b grades
-peak, mint gnarwhal 1st run, wooly marmot1, avalanche, sasquatch
-a/rt grail
-spyy spyder ii

I am open to fair offers for other yoyos in very good condition. I am open to adding other yoyos for trade if the one you offer is more valuable. Not interested in any dings or vibey throws.

I don’t want your money.
I have some though.

Thanks :smiley:

Friendly reminder: you can’t post items that you do not have in your physical possession. Once you have them it’s okay though :slight_smile:

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more pics

Pmd u

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