[s]Hey guys,
Got a good deal for y’all.

Rec rev no.9, mint really smooth plays great just doesn’t get used enough. $45 shipped

Yoyofactory dv888, pretty good condition, not the best rim job ever and it’s got some vibe. With some work it would probably play great I’m just to lazy because i’ve got another one that works just fine. $20 shipped.

Rec rev i, good condition only 3 or 4 small nicks. It has some vibe you can feel on the string but it doesn’t effect the play. Awesome yoyo. $30 shipped.

$70 shipped for all three or, you can buy me the four pack set of the adegle plastic sandglass for $48 and have it shipped to me and I’ll send you all three.

Link to my bst feedback on another forum:

Hit me up with a pm if you’re interested,
Davideyo [/s] Done


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