Prices Dropped! Rec Rev, YYF, YYJ, YYF yoyo holders, YYF Undeniable Video

Hey guys, today I am offering some Yoyofactory and Rec Rev yo-yos for sale.
I mainly want to sell these and am very specific on what i want to
trade for.

Would trade for Yeti, but am actually saving for Cascade.

I’ve also got a semi-sealed copy of Yoyofactory’s “Undeniable” DVD. (plastic is slightly ripped)
Here’s a chance to own it a half the retail price. (corner of DVD case slightly damaged, disc lose)

I also have 6, New in Package, YYF yoyo holders…I have 1 red and 5 black.

pm me if you are interested in anything

Recreational Revolution “Nauae” w/ Buddha Bearing Ripple (10 Ball, Concave, Grooved)$30 $25 shipped
First run, b-grade dueto two faint half moon shapes in ano. (see photo) Other than that mint, only thrown for 5 min.

Acid Wash Pink YYF Yuuksta $50 shipped SOLDNear mint. no vibes. has some minor
scratches and pinpricks. tried to capture them in a picture but they were so small i couldn’t.

YYF Hectic, small bearing $50 $35 shipped. Perfect condition, pads replaced with silicone SOLD

YYF Counter Attack Clear w/ red weights $25 $23 shipped Mint out of box. Been sitting awhile
and the bearing does not play unresponsively.

YoyoJam X-con $38 $33 shipped Pretty much brand new. As you can see, the rims
need to be polished. If I can I will polish and put new pictures up.

“Undeniable” DVD - $10, shipping $3 Yoyo holders - $4.50ea, 2 for $8, shipping $3

Hey, would you be willing to ship the 'Vict to Australia if I become interested? (I would obviously pay for the extra shipping rates).