mighty flea?? and what number is your senza nome? my dad loves to get ones with a lower number than his. but if u still got those two yo’s for sale let me know thanks

mighty flea price?

How much will you sell the mighty flea for? I’ll offer 40$ if it’s in good condition

im desperate for a yoyo and i dont have one of my own i dont have that much money but i really like the mini star and the H&H and the Cream ill take any of those but i only have 40$ ill throw in a collection card of zach gormley and it has his real signiture. that would be great please message me or just post back thanks this would be awesome!!

Hey everybody who posted here,
Send me a PM!!!

there really are reasons I stick to YYN…

hahahaha silly newbies

haha and this is why we stick to YYE, everyone throws their arms and screams and crys, when u post on their BST on there. hahaha