[s]Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I have up for trade #72 VSNYYC Ti Walker, MiB. Comes with the stock ceramic bearing. The axle has some tefflon tape for tuning, I’ve got it almost dead smooth, I believe with a little more tuning it could get there.

Wants: Adam Brewster 3rd run peak(other third runs are also good, but AB=best). I intend to get a 3rd run peak so don’t plan on getting this thing without one, unless you trade HEAVILY in my favor.

Because I don’t think the value of the peak alone equals the Ti Walker Id also like to have:
Silver 3yo3 Bassline(would have to be mint)
YYF DNA(bead blasted)
Gold dipped or starry night/midnight Skyline
Offer anything, the Peak is the important part, the rest we can negotiate.

So the first with 1 from my first list and 1 from my second list gets it!
All offers will be treated kindly.[/s]

You say this is MIB. Why do you need tape to make this “dead-smooth”? I would think that at $200; an A-grade Ti Walker would be “dead-smooth” right out of the box.

You say that with a bit more tuning “it could get there”. Can you be more clear on the grade and condition?

It is in fact a MIB A-Grade. Like most of the SkyWalkers the Ti Walker comes brand new with a bit of vibe. If you find some reviews (probably on another forum) you’ll see this is not uncommon.

And if you feel price is the best indicator of smoothness than consider yourself lucky you didn’t purchase a $500 Catch22

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I’ve tuned it smooth, although not quite General Yo smooth.

Still potentially yours 3rd run Peak owners!