LF: Ti Walker, trading in your favor!

Title says it all, looking for Ti walker, I prefer if it had the box but no big deal if it doesn’t, sparked or un sparked doesn’t matter, however it must be smooth!(what Ti walker isn’t XD)

Ah, the Ti Walker hunt. That’s a dark path in my yoyo collecting journey that I have yet to go down. :slight_smile:

(You go to club two weeks ago? I missed it)

Ya I missed last meet up, had one at one point, I need it’s awesomeness again lol

I saw someone selling one about a week or so ago in the bst. best of luck to you in your quest for one, they really are amazing.

That they are. It will be something you wouldn’t want to let go of. I own ti-walker #64. I have no intention of letting it go. It’s just that awesome.

bump share the love people ;D