[b]Please direct all communication regarding this thread to PMs only!
PayPal offers only please!
Prices include Priority Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation.
International buyers, be prepared to add $25 USD for shipping charges. No international trade offers. Sorry, but I just can’t bend on these conditions with international shipping.

The only reason I’m selling all of these is to get the funds together to purchase: [/b]

  • an Avalanche,
  • a Mutant DNA,
  • and a Chesterman Beach Peak.
    If you have any of these (or a Krisztian Kalusza Peak) and are interested in my items, you may offer trades. Multiple yo-yo trades on my end for any of these will be considered by all means.
    Any other trade offers WILL NOT be considered!

Additional pictures may be provided upon request.

Alright guys, the time has come once again for some good old fashioned out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new case clearance action. Prices given are my ideal turnover, but I will be willing to negotiate to an extent. In other words, “or best offer” is always implied with a price figure. On to the throws!

That’s it for now guys. Thanks for looking and get the offers coming my way!

[u][b]SOLD ITEMS:[/b][/u]

Pacquiao: $75 shipped. Mint with box and sticker. Response changed to Gen Pads – much more snappy response than the stock Chaz Pads. I can either include a flat bearing or a Center Trac bearing (my personal preference, plays great!).

Loop 720s: $12 shipped for the pair or deal sweetener. Both are in fine condition as far as damage goes, but I decided to modify the response on the blue one. The starbursts are shaved down completely, and I had been using a silicone pad on one side and string response on the other side. It plays a lot better this way in my opinion, but it’s in need of a new pad. I didn’t mess with the yellow one. I can also include about 95 yellow YYE slick 6 strings with these for $5 extra.

2008 888: $65 shipped. Near mint with pouch and box (the sticker was torn off the box though before it made it to my possession :-/). A couple light scuffs and scratches on the rims and of course typical raw marks – very miniscule damage in other words. Damage unfortunately cannot be pictured both because of the raw finish and because it’s so insignificant. I put a satin finish just on the wings stopping at the step in the rims (in other words, the rims were completely untouched). It blends in with the unfinished rims very well, so it grinds great and retains its original look. If you don’t like the satin, I’m sure it could be polished out very easily. Plays ridiculously smooth.

2010 Mighty Flea: $45 shipped. Mint condition. Swapped the original black pouch for a purple one. I have the original Easter egg casing that it came in, but it cracked from the last time it was mailed. It can be included at the buyer’s request. This one comes with recessed red RTV silicone response and a few Bapekillah G-strings (pictured), as well as a couple of my own homemade sky blue flea string and the stock YYF orange poly flea string.

Boss: $50 shipped. Pretty good condition. Damage consists of pinprick marks around the rims. Nothing serious at all and it still plays perfectly smooth. It’s hard for me to part with this one because it was the first metal I ever experienced, but it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves for a while now and it’s time for this one to find a new home. I can include 1 or 2 spare axles with this one at your request (it’s tiny, so it’s not a bad idea to get at least one just in case).

E1NS 2010: $75 shipped. Mint with pouch and pin. Hot red sILYYcone changed out for flowable silicone – a much better response option for this particular throw in my opinion; snappy binds and still snag-free.


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do you by any chance have any other looping yoyos? i can’t seem to find any on the b/s/t s