done...set to the bay

Pop needs cash…no trades….

ILYY P22 rare only 25 made, I believe… this one has been dyed wood tone by a previous owner I had it re-threaded has some light scratches I don’t even think you’d see them if it was not dyed…$100 $85 shipped usa paypal

Mint with case 3yo3 pre-pro Grind King only Teflon yoyo I know of… $85 $70 shipped usa paypal
(show with p22)

SPYY Addiction 2 had a ano flaw so I stripped it other wise mint… $60 $45 shipped usa paypal

Pair of YYF plastic…both in great condition…no dings, etc… Die Nasty and starlite $35 for the pair… shipped usa paypal