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Cash offers: Paypal only. International buyers be prepared to add $30 for shipping.
Trade offers: Continental US only.
Please see Wants List before making offers
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Hey there guys. I’ve got a black (“the more limited colorway”) Throwback Edition Genesis that’s not getting the love it deserves. It’s in great shape. Only a few pinprick marks and one flat spot on the rims. Plays like brand new - super smooth and incredibly stable. Includes stacks (of course :)) and white nubs for stackless play.

Here’s a couple pics for you. Keep in mind 99% (maybe even 100%) of the white specks in the first picture are dust. The second picture depicts the flat spot which I consider to be the only “real” damage. The grey areas at the bottom and the top of the mark are the only areas which goes through the ano.

Best case scenario, I’d like to get about $55 shipped out of this, but I’m willing to negotiate and equally interested in trading. Trade offers need not be in perfect condition, but any damage should be strictly cosmetic (read: not vibe-inducing, not play-affecting, not completely excessive and ugly, etc.) and original packaging is always a plus.

Here’s my (probably pretty unrealistic) wants list:

'08 fat logo 888
888 Classic
Any SE '07 or '08 888 (excludes small bearing and highwalls)
Superwide (requires a deal sweetener)

Peak (yeah right, I know :P)
Wooly Marmot
Bear vs Man

Punchline Repeater

One Drop:
MarkMont Next

Thanks for looking. Offer away!

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That would be awesome to have. What onedrops are you looking for?






how much cash. i mite by

can i buy next week? i dont get paid till sunday.

darn…u traded it