Does Werrd still exist?

I haven’t seen anything new from them in quite a while… Has the company dissolved?

its still there they just took some hits in the company…

They sponsored Worlds (their logo was on the stage) so I’m guessing they still exist in some form. Would be nice to see something new from them :slight_smile:

The JPX isn’t new? I mean I know it was released a few month ago but its still newish

well they really havent done much with that release… they made a few and then they went silent… then they lost Carlos Braun, Nehemiah Peterson, and Ky Zizan…

Yea true

I believe there are still in existence. If they aren’t anymore, I haven’t really heard anything about it.

Werrd tend to be on the less active side social-media wise. New JPXs did release on YYE in the last month or two so i wouldn’t think they’re completely inactive.

This is actually a fair question. Although Werrd tend not be too socially active and they sponsored worlds I have not heard anything about them in a long time.

They are still making throws and prototypes like this one

We are certainly still here.

Always working on things.

We won’t be going anywhere.

Sweet! I’m glad you guys aren’t gone, you guys are great. I grew up not too far from HQ.

The irony jpplus is an amazing throw one of the best bi metal throws I own

Jpplus? Bimetal? When did that get released?

So is there any Werrd on some new releases coming?

it has been around since as early as 2013

When we are at our quietest we are generally working on all sorts of fun things :slight_smile:

Please let that include something with Jimmy Hats! :slight_smile:

It didn’t get release that one in the pic is the one I own and is only prototypes you will only see prototypes of that