does this mineral spirit work?

(Lets Yo ^^) #1

hi i just came home from buying silicone and siliconeing my yo-yo for the first time(YAY XD)
And i forgot to buy mineral spirits for my bearing.Which i am glad that i did.
Its because i wasn’t sure if you needed a specific mineral spirit.
so i want to ask does this:

mineral spirit work?

(yoyo jake) #2

yea they do

(Lets Yo ^^) #3

(yoyo jake) #4

yes just blow it out with compressed air

(Lets Yo ^^) #5

By compressed air, what do you mean by that?


EIther just your mouth or the air from an air compressor.

By the way, for future reference, no need for the poll.

(Lets Yo ^^) #7

Okay Thanks ^^


Better yet get an air duster for your keyboard. This is the best way as you don’t need to buy a compressor.