Does it matter if string doesn't "bounce"?


I heard some people say that a string is no longer good when it doesn’t bounce… does the bounce thingy really matter? Like how the string stretches a little at the bottom of your throw???

I only ask because I’ve made some strings. Recently, I’ve changed the string I use, the method, everything. The string now has no bounce, but lasts more around 2 months for me- compared to around 2 weeks with highlights. Otherwise, my string is great, it whips, has good tension, but is a bit stiff, like new string, but it doesn’t break in much.

(JM) #2

For regular polyester strings, bounce is a good measure of how good the string is. Generally, it measures the “life” of the string. As the threads stretch, they wear out and wont hold tension as well. This also leads to easier breakage.

I’ve played quite a few homemade strings that don’t really have the bounce a mass-produced string does, but I’ve also found that it doesn’t take away from playability.

As long as you like the way your strings play, they’re fine. If you’re getting months of play out of them, then that’s even better,