Does anyone know how to do this?

Does anyone know how to do this?

In that particular photo, unless they are using super high speed cameras, that yoyo is dead still.

I have a camera that is just a regular digital camera and I wanted to take a picture of my evil yo when it was spinning and it came out like it was just dead on the string. Words were not even blurred so it is still very possible that the yoyo is spinning.

Very easily that yo-yo is spinning. I have tons of pictures where I was trying to show the yo-yo spinning and it came out dead still (FHZ, the print on the caps isn’t blurred at all).

Back on topic though - I don’t know how to do that, I’m sure we could figure it out…

I would just like to figure out how to do it.

If you know the guy who can do the trick, contact him via email. I’m sure he would like to help. I think that that is the trick that Mikhail Tulabut does in those pictures when you click on the YYJ Vigilante. You could ask him too.

As far as getting into that picture trick smoothly, I got nothing. But if you simply want to be able to do it, it is as simple as throwing a strong breakaway into 4 lindy loops (like a double on trapeze, but 4 times) then insert your throw-hand pointer into one of the loops, then your throw-hand thumb, followed by separating the two remaining loops on you non throw-hand pointer by inserting your non throw-hand thumb into the front loop and slipping it off your pointer finger.

I’m sure there would be a cleaner way to get into it, but this is just what I was able to figure out.

A yo-yo with a wider gap will help with some of the friction caused from the multiple string wraps in the gap, as well as using a nice long string will help you display the “X” a bit larger.

I’ll try to post a crappy video from my phone in a few to give you an idea, work is rather slow this morning.

Edit: Here’s the vid, again quality is awful as it was shot from my phone. Also this isn’t my smoothest attempt ever but got it first shot and figured keeping my yoyo filming time down to a minimum at work would be the responsible thing to do.

Hope this helps:

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Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: