Does anyone have a YYF Hub-stack Afterglow Update?

Just like the heading says… Does anyone have a YYF Hub-stack Afterglow Release Update?

Last I heard… late February but I haven’t heard anything since. Has it got pushed back again? Has anyone seen any updated information about this throw out there.


They scraped the first run because of a defect if I remember correctly.

So does this mean we have several more months of wait time? Or just a couple of weeks? You may not have the answer… just wondering if someone out there does.

I’ve been told late February / early March. They’re showing the white glow version at Toy Fair, so I think we’ll be getting those before the regular glow that we’ve seen so far.

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I would take one of these as well. The me of my younger days (Back in Raver/comatose days) is screaming inside for this throw.

Your help has been much appreciated Steve :slight_smile: