Doc Pop is getting married tonight!

Congrats to Doc and Christine!



All together now!

“For 'e’s a jolly good fellllaaaaaa! For 'eeeeee’s a jolly good feeeellllaaaaaa!!”

Awesome. Marriage is an institute so great that many people get married multiple times! Can’t beat it.

My congratulations to the couple.

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Congrats to them!

Should I be concerned if I immediately think of “Mawwige, mawwige is what bwings us, togethar, today”…?

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Congratulations! I wish the two of you a happy fulfilling union.


Congrats! ;D

Sometimes concurrently! :smiley:

That’s awesome! It’s all downhill from here. Jk, Congratulations! But for real, it is. I’m Jk. But for real. lol jk, but seriously. ha, i’m jk. nah it really is downhill. I’m JK, but seriously, all downhill…from…here.