Do you like it?


Just finished making this Metal Drfiter raw. Going to polish it up a little tomorrow.


What is it?


Using context clues: a yoyo.

Looks like he stripped a Metal Drifter.


Sorry, he is right, it’s a raw Metal Drifter that surprisingly plays kinda nicely…


What method did you use to get the anno off?


Nail polish remover, a lot of cotton swabs, and time. I put the remover in each half, left it for maybe 10 minutes, went back to it and started whiping away the paint. Once a lot of specks of paint are floating around dump it out and refill it. Once you get the paint off the part that holds the axle, it actually scres off, freeing the axle and nut, making it even easier for you.


How did you dispose of the chemical?


It’s beautiful :smiley:


OMG that actually looks pretty cool! I might try doing that with mine. Mine plays crappy so I may as well make it look cool!

Nice job!


Thanks! I like it cause its a safer way of removing the paint as well. Almost <–(keyword) anyone can do it without harming themselves. It is a bit tedious but with a little determination you can turn a decent looking awful yoyo into a sick looking awful yoyo


that looks really nice. I wich I had a bad metal that I wouldn’t mind doing that to.