Do you know how many people enter yoyo community each year?


I want to know if yoyoing is getting more people or more old player quit this game.

Noobie got feeling like “oh it will take me 50 years to get tech level as the guy in the video”, so 9/10 noobie quit. And sometimes experts also got problem that they can’t reach the higher level…(you know, the tricklist grows in a computer way)

I think the tech develops too quick while the spreading is not enough. Doubting if the community is growing or reducing… anyone give opinions will be fine


I think yoyo is like a lot of other things that require skill to enjoy:

Many will enter, few will stick around.

After the beginner tricks, there’s not a whole lot of instant gratification with yoyo. Any progress must be earned through practice and determination. I fail constantly, but I don’t quit. Well, maybe I do quit here and there, but I use it as a break, then come back fresh a short while later.

I do feel in general that the community is growing a little bit. I am seeing an active backlash towards video games. Most kids are taking to the kendama as it’s the trendy skill toy right now. I think if Duncan would step up a teeny bit more with their retail outlet offerings, as well as Yomega with their more matured product offerings, push YYF going more mainstream in their distribution, I’m seeing steps in the right direction towards making the yoyo more accessible to the masses again. People re trying with mixed results to form clubs and meets, and sometimes even contests.

My meets are based around the yoyo as the primary, but all skill toys are welcome so nobody is left out.

I do think you’re right. Probably a 1 in 10 might a generous percentage of those who enter vs. those who stick around. I’m enjoying it so I stick around. My progress is very slow, but competition is not part of my agenda, so I’ve got no worries. For me, it’s the journey, not the destination. Enjoyment, not competition. However, for those who take to it and excel at it, I applaud these individuals!