Do the following items glow in black light?

Headline says it all:

DV888 light blue

Speedmaker red

PGM blue and yellow

Yoyoguy bright color string.

In dim light kinda

only the string

As a general rule, metal will not glow at all, but I’ve gotten lime green hubstacks to glow under a black light so you may have some luck with brightly colored plastic. String looks awesome as well. You just have to make sure that you have pretty intense black lighting, i.e. keeping them close to you or having lots of them, otherwise the glow can be pretty dim. It’s really cool looking though and I’d encourage you to experiment and let us know your results.

Fluorescent green/yellow/white will glow in black lights :3
Black lights absorb the fluorescent of the color and re-emit it as a yellowish green light… so if your yoyo is a fluorescent color it will glow under black lights. Ano cannot be fluorescent.

I’ve also had some good results with pink string. They glow bright orange.