Do I need new thick lube

I’ve had yyj thick lube for at least 6 years now, and I just want to check if there is an expiration date on these things or if I need to order more.

Just use it. If it still is flowing correctly and isn’t a weird color, you should be fine.

One Drop V4M lube is just awesome. I would recommend trying some out.

They only sell their lube in thin though.

Nope,good forever as long as you keep the cap on.

…but if One Drop ever decided to make a looper, I’m sure they would come out with the most awesome thick lube… :wink:


P.S. With regards to the original question, as long as you keep the cap on the lube you should be good to go, as it contains no petroleum distillates and the evaporation rate is very small due to the low volatility of the chemical compounds in the lube. The lube should survive for years in the bottle, as long as you keep it away from extreme temperatures (hot and cold) and out of direct UV light (sunlight or fluorescent lights), as the energy in the ultraviolet spectrum will cause the compounds to break down over time.