Do Fragments use the same size IrPad as Messiah's


I need to get a response system for my Messiah but I’m not sure what size to get. Does the Messiah have the same IrPad size as the Fragment does?


Nope. Pretty sure the D-bearing YYRs use smaller pads.


Fragment is a D-bearing?


I guess my next question is, does a Messiah use the same size response pad as an 888, genesis, protostar, etc…? Will yoyofactory response pads work in it since it’s a c-size?


lol. Fragment, Uragment, 6, and Clashcube are all the D-bearing YYRs i believe.

Post 2010 Messiah uses a 19.6mm pad, that’s all i know. Not sure what substitutes are available.


Just use Flowable Silicone. In my opinion, it’s a better option. YYE sells regular Flowable Silicone, and Monkey Snot, which is basically colored silicone. Monkey Snot is awesome, and easy to apply, can fill up to 14 throws, and best of all, is only $7, which is a lot cheaper than the equivalent amount of pads.