IR Pads for a YYF

Sorry if it’s maybe a dumb question but can IR pads for OD, ClYW and YYR can fit in a YYF Genesis 2012 ?

I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure you need the 19mm ir pads to fit in the newer yyfs, idk about the older ones.

oh ok thank you for the response !

Send a PM to YoYoExpert Garrett, he can give you the best answer.

Awesome thank you for letting me know ! I will do that !

OD and CLYW size IrPads will not fit in the Genesis. 19mm pads are what you need, but unfortunately we are sold out of the 19mm irpads at the moment.

Try YoYoFactory Pads:

Or some other 19mm pads that will fit: